Thursday, January 12, 2006

Munich by Steven Spielberg

I watched the movie MUNICH by Steven Spielberg today. I found the movie cinematically pleasing and done very well. Theres were a lot of politically charged and loaded messages in the movie that I just wasn't sure how to feel. I didn't want to be analyzing too much in the movie theater, but rather just trying to enjoy the dramatics and cinematics of the movie.

The movie is based upon and inspired by real events that took place in the Munich Olympics in 1973 when Palestinian terrorists stormed the olympic compound and took the Israeli Olympic team hostage ultimately ending in everyone getting killed which includes both the terrorists and the Israeli hostages. This movie delves into the retaliatory response of the Israeli Mossad (Secret Service) and the assigned assasination plots against the masterminds of the Munich terrorist attack. Some have been angered by the portrayal of the Mossad agents as Zionist extremists, and having sided with the Palestinian cause indirectly.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Omar Metwally, who plays "Ali" ( of the Palestinian Liberation Organization) is one of the PLO agents who mistakenly gets booked the same room as the Mossad agents in what was deemed a safe-house in Greece. I thought he was real hot!!

Eric Bana Eric Bana, who plays the starring role of "Avner" (the distraught Mossad agent) assigned to take out the terrorist masterminds had a lot of hot moments in the movie, I must say. I didn't realize that he was the same actor that starred in the movie Troy.

Lynn Cohen, who plays "Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir" was also a real good actress to watch. Really reminds me of the PM actually.

I give this movie **** four stars for good acting and cinematography. I'm not really going to get involved with the loaded political messages. I liked it.


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