Friday, December 30, 2005

Farewell 2005 & Good Riddance.

Captain's log:
I write to you today December 30th, 2005.
The time now is 23:18hrs (thats 11:18pm PST).

As I approach the eve of the New Year, my reflections summon recollections of tragedy, death, loss, catastrophic weather, and insanity. Gone! Gone is the year 2005. And while I thank the Lord for allowing me to live another day, I bid farewell to 2005 with bittersweet memories, and good riddance to a year that I'm sure not to forget for years to come.

The Year in Review

One year ago, on December 26, 2004 the world greeted the entry of 2005 with the arrival of the Asian Tsunami which was caused by an underwater quake off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The quake displaced the body of water stemming from the epicenter's circumference moving outwards in all directions. To the west, tsunami waves tore through the island nation of Sri Lanka and Chennai, Madras India without warning. The waves continued westward moving at 600mph hitting the Maldives Islands, The Seychelles and finally Somalia, Kenya and other parts of East Africa. To the east and northeast of the epicenter, the tsunami waves caused by the quake obliterated Banda Ache, Indonesia without warning and devastated Phi Phi Island, Phucket and other parts of exposed Thailand, Burma and Northeast India as well as Malasia and Indonesia.

Banda Ache, Indonesia

United States: Florida Hurricanes & Hurricane Katrina

There was approximately 26 hurricanes that hit the United States in 2005. Katrina was the worst, as it destroyed New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world.

Celebrity Losses

March 29, 2005
Johnny Cochrane
Deceased, age unknown
Johnnie Cochran

July 1, 2005
Luther Vandross, Vocalist
Deceased, age 54
Luther Vandross, July 1

August 6, 2005
Ibrahim Ferrer, Vocalist: Buena Vista Social Club
Deceased, age 78
Buena Vista Social Club musician Ibrahim Ferrer, Aug. 6

September 2, 2005
John Denver (Gilligan), Actor
Deceased, age 70
Bob Denver

November 28, 2005
Pat Morita, Actor/Comedian
Deceased, age 73
Pat Morita

Rosa Parks
Civil Rights Activist
Rosa Parks

Peter Jennings, News Anchor
Deceased, age 67
Peter Jennings

December 10, 2005
Richard Pryor, Comedian/Actor.
Deceased, age 65
Richard Pryor

December 26, 2005
Vincent Schiavelli, Actor.
Deceased, age 57
Vincent Schiavelli


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