Saturday, December 17, 2005

Brokeback Mountain

A Cinematic Treat

You can't live in a city like San Francisco and not be aware of the hype surrounding a movie the caliber of Brokeback Mountain (not to mention a Director like Ang Lee), and not be curious to see what all the fuss is about. This is particularly true because this story revolves around the story of gay love. In a city like San Francisco (arguably one of the larger gay capitals), it makes this movie a must see. Besides when was the last time you saw a movie about gay love and of this size and caliber other than at film festivals and documentaries that come on after midnight on the Public Broadcasting Station. This film's trailer was shown in regular movie theaters. In fact, I remember seeing the trailer while watching the movie Flight Plan and I recall my jaw dropping completely to the ground.


I was suppose to see it Thursday night with a friend ( a high-maintenance, insulting whiney and bitchy queen, if I must describe him). To make a long story short, a nice evening at the movies turned out to be a game of insult ping-pong, and I just wasn't willing to stoop to that level and ruin an otherwise perfect evening.

But what was said was said, and I took that as a cue to scram. While he was talking obnoxiously on the phone several yards away (the entire time while waiting for the line to form, mind you, which I found to be completely rude) I decided that I was going to return my ticket and re-book for Saturday. So I return my movie ticket and voila! Since I booked for Saturday 12noon, I got three dollars back since it was matinee. I gave him his ticket to do with as he pleased, and I left for home to enjoy the remainder of my evening in complete peace. With friends like that who needs enemies.


So Saturday came around and I made my way to the theater which is in the Financial District downtown. The day couldn't have been more ghastly to be outdoors. The rain poured down on the city but having already had my ticket-for-one pre-purchased, I went anyway rain or shine. The theater was completely full, and many of the theater patrons were (or gave the appearance that they were) gay. It felt a bit akward being in the theater all by myself, but it was much more pleasant than hearing my whiney friend harping insults and petty complaints in my ear. I sat next to some very nice people who made it a point to say hello to me, of which I obliged a hello right back.

I wish I would have got a Venti Starbucks before the show. It started off a bit slow and the beautiful cinematography and dialogue in combination with a muscle relaxer I took for my back pain put me in a sleepy mood. The cinematography is completely beautiful and expertly done. My mind livened up after the romp scene in the tent. Overall the movie is a masterpiece both cinematic speaking and with regards to the acting involved.

The end of the movie had an odd twist that had the audience in tears.

I do intend to see the movie over again, perhaps this time with some good company. From what I saw in the movie I really enjoyed it and would go see it again obviously.

This movie inspires me to think if there will be other movies of such caliber and seriousness that will demonstrate the love between same genderloving men and women of color as there currently isn't much representation in the general media of the other constituents of the LGBT community. Because while I'm certain that some of the constituents of color within the LGBT community (or those closeted as well) can relate to this story, I certainly would love to see in addition and similar to this wonderful story, one that exemplifies the diversity of the people that comprise same gender loving people. This certainly is a start for the big screen however...


At 6:53 PM, Blogger ML said...

definetly a must see, dont be depressed and sorry to hear from jamal, we lose soo many...

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Papi said...

thanks for the kind words =)


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