Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rosa Parks - Gone Up Yonder

Rosa Parks was a regular woman living in the Jim Crow South. One December day in 1955, after a long day, she boarded a bus and sat down in the forward section of the bus. After a white man told her to get up and give up her seat to him and go sit in the back, she refused. She was arrested and jailed. What ensued would lead to the spark of the Civil Rights Movement by means of Dr.Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott . Rosa Parks could no longer stand for segregation, separate but equal or any other social custom that masked pure and obvious discrimination, hatred and mistreatment of its African American citizens.

A Note Sent to the Park's Family

(Below) I sent my condolences to Georgette Norman of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in Montgomery who will collect all information and send to the family of Mrs. Parks:

"As a person having myself been discriminated against at times by the color of my own skin, or the sound of the languages that I speak, and furthermore for the nature of my sexual orientation I have always looked up to Rosa Parks. She was a symbol of freedom, and courage to me ever since I was a dreamy child. In the face of adversity, Rosa Parks sat down and remained seated for what she knew was right. She challenged the racist dictates of society's thinking at the time, for an inalienable right to exist equally. She did not give up her seat. God Bless you Rosa Parks and your family. Your flame of courage and legacy of hope will live inside me for all my life."--author, Memoirs of Papi. Nov/2005


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