Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jamal James. 1979-2005 Rest in Peace

I lost someone very special to me, and I just found out three months after the fact. I was actually trying to get back in touch with him, when I read an article that he was found dead in his Harlem apartment by friends and family. Jamal was last seen at a bar by himself on the fourth of July weekend.

Jamal was murdered alone and in his apartment. His murder is linked in connection with a string of 4 murders of gay black men around the Harlem area and within the same time frame. Currently the case involving Jamal is UNSOLVED.

Jamal was president of his alma mater Syracuse University in upstate New York in 2001. Having known him personally, I can tell you that he had a firecracker of a personality and was a born leader. After graduation he wanted to move to Los Angeles to explore the entertainment industry as he was a drama major and subsequently moved alternatively to the NYC area.